A weekly playlist sharing our pick of the best new music from the world's most exciting emerging musicians. You heard it here first.

‘Soon Touch’ by James Massiah

Making his highly anticipated return, James Massiah honoured our streaming services this week with the Friday night anthem, ‘Soon Touch’. The poet-cum-DJ and artist encapsulates an intoxicating post-club story, where he looks to carry on the party over a funky, ‘90s evoking house instrumental.

‘Bad Trip’ by Fiyahdred

On the fringes of everything that we love about electronic music at the moment, ‘Bad Trip’ takes the skeleton of UK funky and jazzes it up with grime rousing synths and industrial basslines. A dizzying journey of UK dancefloors, the Fiyahdred single simultaneously lets us in on their immersive world and invigorates the idiosyncratic style we’ve grown to love from the Hyperdub affiliate.

‘L’effet domino’ by Golden Bug, The Lumiñanas, Anna Jean

This week, Golden Bug unveiled his contagious new single with the whimsical French vocalist, Anna Jean. A high-flying collaboration, ‘L’effet domino''s droney and psychedelic atmosphere creates an equally unnerving and danceable mood, blending fuzzy synths with his tendencies for disco dub and leftfield electronica.

‘BACK BONE’ by SamRecks

Returning to our airwaves with the baille-flavoured new single, 'BACK BONE’, SamRecks proves he’s one of the hottest names coming out of UK rap’s burgeoning scene. The velvety swag he brings to tunes has become a trait that producers and fellow wordsmiths continue to clamour for. The song comes alongside some beautiful visuals shot in Bali; roll on the summer!

‘Anyway’ by Louis Culture

Still in his feels, Louis Culture’s ‘Anyway’ seeks reassurance for the vulnerabilities he’s developed in recent times. Ruing a relationship that ended prematurely, the rapper deals with the struggles of missing someone, as Sorry singer Asha Lorenz adds her dreamy vocals to the equation.

‘So, This is Living.’ by Joshua epithet

Simultaneously announcing his debut album, Boys And Their Video Cameras, Joshua epithet’s latest single, ‘So, This is Living.’, is a genre-spanning coming-of-age track that sees him recalling times when he obsessed over growing older. “I was extremely confused yet so confident,” he explains of the period in his life, recalling the more banal realities becoming an adult brings.

‘Happy’ by Linn Koch-Emmery

‘Happy’ is the latest single from Swedish GRAMMY-nominated artist Linn Koch-Emmery, relaying the complexities of relationships and the enduring feelings of loneliness that come when they're over. Electrifying guitars zap around rumbling drums and the singer-songwriter's sweet tones, encapsulating the poignant lyrical narrative.

‘Keep Going’ by Sevana

Born and raised in Jamaica, Sevana is bringing a distinctive Caribbean flavour to the classicism of R&B. The actress and model has previously described her music as, "every sound but with a Jamaican filter”, which you can hear so effervescently on her new single, ‘Keep Going’.

‘Magic’ by JADA

Making waves with her features for artists like Jvck James and Venna, on ‘Magic’, JADA proves her soulful dexterity as an artist in her own right. Gearing up to release a debut EP, slated for summer this year, the new project offers fresh perspectives on contemporary pop while showcasing her personal development as a musician.

‘blue skies’ by Fia Moon

Break out Irish singer-songwriter Fia Moon is going from strength-to-strength with every single that goes by. Since 2018, she’s released 14 tracks, including ‘blue skies’, that have showcased the emotional depth of her storytelling capabilities. On this new one, she’s as dulcet and endearing as ever, taking us to a place of tranquillity that’s so often associated with her music.

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