Undiscovered is a weekly playlist sharing our pick of the best new music from the world's most exciting emerging musicians. You heard it here first.

“Sweet Harmony” by Sirens of Lesbos

Driven by a slick funk groove and soulful harmonies, throughout “Sweet Harmony” Sirens of Lesbos come together to take you on a journey of tranquil sounds.

“Momentary Sweetheart” by Deb Never

Praised for her captivating storytelling skills, Deb Never is back with another gripping offering titled “Momentary Sweetheart”. With a climactic hook and relatable lyrics, on this new release the artist wears her heart on her sleeve.

“BACK PACK” by SamRecks

Distorted vocals, hard-hitting drill beats and a slick flow, “BACK PACK” is further proof that SamRecks never misses. Shared with a vibrant music video shot with a fisheye lens, this new cut packs a punch.

“DAMAGED” by Kasien

Kasien’s “DAMAGED” is a lyrically dark release with alluring liquid drum and bass tendencies. Captivating his listeners with its fast-pace flow, throughout this single the artist expresses his emotions eloquently with raw lyricism.

“Hot Summer” by Oracle Sisters

“Hot Summer” is a lo-fi track with stunning acoustics. Shared ahead of the group’s highly anticipated debut album, this single comes alongside a playful music video with a retro filter.

“Rewind” by Hēir

Hēir’s “Rewind” is a melodic single with ethereal production. Shared alongside the announcement of her upcoming EP ‘is that all there is’, throughout this new release the singer-songwriter tells a compelling story with delicate acoustics.

“I Don’t Do Love Songs” by Murkage Dave

An anti-Valentine's Day special, Murkage Dave’s brand-new single “I Don’t Do Love Songs” is a sonic soundscape of juddering beats and soft-spoken vocals and is taken from the artist’s newly dropped mixtape ‘I Don’t Do Love Songs - A Valentines Compilation’.

“Bite” by Shelf Lives

Shelf Lives aren’t holding back on their latest offering. Coated in meddling riffs and angsty spoken word vocals, throughout this track the group create a punk-rock anthem with disturbed visuals.

“Tides Turn” by Noble Oak

Returning two years after his last single “Stories”, “Tides Turn” is a nonchalant new release accompanied with an escapist music video.

“Are you Diagnosed” by Eaves Wilder

Taken from the artist’s three-track debut EP, ‘Are You Diagnosed’, track-title “Are You Diagnosed” is a tongue-in-cheek new release about mental health and is coated in addictive harmonies and joyous guitar licks.

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