A weekly playlist sharing our pick of the best new music from the world's most exciting emerging musicians. You heard it here first.

‘Mannequin’ by Louis Culture

Battersea’s finest Louis Culture kicks off 2024 with ‘Mannequin’: another UK rap via the club banger revelling in glitchy left-field electronica, inspired by moments of emptiness felt in times of self-loathing.

‘Deer Teeth’ by Sega Bodega

‘Deer Teeth’ is our latest taste from Sega Bodega’s forthcoming TBA album and his first new music in 2024. The Shygirl and Björk collaborator is known for his intergalactic electronic productions, soundtracking the hits of some of music’s brightest and most experimental voices. On this single, he proves that he’s an artist in his own right manufacturing equally alluring and arresting soundscapes.

‘hold my face’ by Akemi Fox

Putting her spin on R&B has long been Akemi Fox’s cup of tea, and now we have a paradigmatic single that encapsulates her hallmark sound. Titled, ‘hold my face’ the track swiftly unveils Akemi’s velvety vocals against a backdrop of nostalgic melodies, enriched with Afrobeat nods, that stands as testament to her unwavering persistence at redefying the boundaries of R&B.

‘yeah, cool’ by su i think

su i think reigns suepreme on her latest single, ‘yeah, cool’. A ballad that romanticises those moments in love we take for granted, the track withholds a youthful resilience that’s hard to come by these days. “I just wanna slow dance one last time, would that be okay? Yeah, cool” she sings in infectious pop tones, reeling listeners into the glitzy soundscape she so effortlessly creates.

‘Ferry King’ by Aggie Miller

Whipping up soundscapes as delicate as porcelain glass, Aggie Miller is serving up some of the most ethereal vocals in the indie scene. Amidst the instrumental of the acoustic guitar in her latest track, ‘Ferry King’, Aggie intertwines indie with folk effortlessly, as she unwinds lyricism filled with introspection, all set to an instrumental laden with pulsating bass.

‘For You’ by BenjiFlow

Afrobeat wunderkind, BenjiFlow, is certain to get you grooving to his R&B and West-African flavoured pop. Making waves in the Afropop scene, his newest track, ‘For You’, stands ode to his commitment to bringing something fresh to the game. Fusing African Alté nuances with Afropop undertones, the track holds BenjiFlow’s soothing vocals, as we are transported to a state of bliss on a summer’s day.

‘... White Lies’ by JayG

There’s no two ways about it, JayG is next up in London’s alternative rap-sphere. Over a shuffling baille-infused beat, he spits with clarity, venting steam and addressing the real ones. Dave gets a mention too, having gone toe-to-toe with him lyrically on the now legendary Rules The World Victory Lap cypher.

‘It’s Cold Out – Extended Mix’ by Jawnino

Originally released in 2019, Jawnino’s Broken Britain banger, ‘It’s Cold Out’, returned to our airwaves this week with an extended edition. Featuring new lyrical depictions of London, the track welcomes an extra two minutes of swaggering grime and garage, soundtracking those post-club come down ramblings home.

‘somethingsgonnaworkout’ by Jai Piccone, 1tbsp

The first of three songs releasing as an EP, ‘somethingsgonnaworkout’ sees Jai Piccone team up with 1tbsp for a feisty four-to-the-floor track. ¼ of Tora, the internationally adored synth-step band from Australia, here, he delves into the more club-focused sounds that have inspired his journey thus far.

'Tread Water' by Kitty

Welcoming us into her musings on young adulthood and love, Kitty serves up a piano-led ballad that paints a picture of vulnerability vividly. Unfolding the story of a communication breakdown in her relationship, Kitty candidly bares her soul as she delivers poignant and universally resonate lyrics, all set against the backdrop of the piano’s gentle melody.

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