A weekly playlist sharing our pick of the best new music from the world's most exciting emerging musicians. You heard it here first.

'Was I Ever Alone?' by twst

Choral-inspired 'Was I Ever Alone?' is an existential hymn for the last day on Earth. Landing with new EP 'TWST0002' this week, the track is just one part of a puzzle that sees twst explore the blurred lines between life on and offline, questioning everything from technology to religion to the self with an expansive web of references and artistic influences.

‘GRAMMAR’ by Louis Culture

Louis Culture’s explorations of the intersection between British electronic music and rap has produced some of the most compelling music we’ve heard from a rising artist these past few years. Linking up with producer confidants Kxmel, Pullen and Louis Dureau, ‘GRAMMAR’ nods to the Battersea native’s beginnings and asks listeners to put their worries aside and let loose for three minutes.

‘Is What It Is’ by Love Remain

Soundtracking London life with transfixing club sonics, Love Remain feeds off elements of life that we take for granted. From hazy smoking area conversations to the tranquil tweeting of birds, he curates sounds in ode to his home of south London while appreciating the nuances that are around him. ‘Is What It Is’ is the title track taken from his forthcoming EP on Black Butter.

‘2trains’ by Jawnino

Jawnino is your new favourite masked musical maverick. A poignant storyteller, whose vivid portraits of the streets of London have amassed him a cult following, he’s quietly caused a stir in underground rap circles. More mainstream success feels imminent and ‘2trains’, with its psychotropic melody and robotic 808s, will only help him along the way.

‘GET NAUGHTY !’ by Master Peace

Having just supported Genesis Owusu at HEAVEN club on his recent tour, Master Peace is again revelling in the punkish spirit his energy so naturally possesses. ‘GET NAUGHTY !’ is a raunchy track filled with facetious lyricism, distorted riffage and danceable drum work.

‘blueprints of us’ by Ouri

‘blueprints of us’ is the lead single from a two-track EP by musician, DJ, vocalist and composer, Ouri. Following a collaborative EP with Antoniya, and a coveted support slot for Yaeji on her North American tour, this tune consolidates her minimalistic electronica, which both mesmerises and hypnotises listeners thanks to heavenly vocals and delicate production.

‘Killing Bee’ by yunè pinku (TAAHLIAH Remix)

yunè pinku’s ‘Killing Bee’ is a stomping techno track that melds elements of electro, house and other electronic music styles to make a cybernetic soundscape. TAAHLIAH revamps many of these elements around more thumping 4/4 production that somehow trumps the mechanical nature of its original.

‘Awakening’ by Bel Cobain

Taken from Bel Cobain’s emotionally charged new EP, Radical Forgiveness, ‘Awakening’ is a meditative break-up track layered with Burial-Esque rhythms, medicinal melodies and the singer-songwriter's dulcet vocals. The full five-track project is essential listening this week.

‘Running’ by Reuben Aziz

Reuben Aziz is pulling listeners in with soulful balladry and minimalistic music styles. On ‘Running’, the Southampton-born, London-based prouder, singer and songwriter nests his contagious croons with a scintillating guitar loop, spacey melodies and a steady drumbeat.

‘Badda (Sinais VIP)’ by Bianca Oblivion, Onhell, Logan_olm

As her namesake insinuates, Bianca Oblivion’s brain-rattling bass music tends to leave ravers in a state of unconsciousness. ‘Badda (Sinais VIP)’, released on Mexican record label N.A.A.F.I, knocks you back like a strong gust of wind, as the breakbeats snap at your eardrums and Logan_olm’s clash-ready tones raise the hairs on the back of your neck.

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A weekly playlist sharing our pick of the best new music from the world's most exciting emerging musicians. You heard it here first.

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