A weekly playlist sharing our pick of the best new music from the world's most exciting emerging musicians. You heard it here first.

‘Stay With Me Through The Night’ by Fabiana Palladino

This week, Fabiana Palladino announced details of her forthcoming self-titled debut album, set for release in April. Coinciding with the news, the Paul Institute / XL Recordings signee unleashed ‘Stay With Me Through The Night’: an unfurling funk track which reveals her loneliness in the wake of a recently ended relationship. Her vocals never fail to spellbind, taking your ears under her wing and enriching them with beautifully crooned introspection.

‘Jezebel’ by tn_490, Strandz

Lewisham-raised producer and vocalist, tn_490, teams up with breakout star, Strandz, for his latest ominous trap tune, ‘Jezebel’. Intertwining drill with trap tendencies,  the haunting instrumental serves as a backdrop to Strandz’s unique bars and indisputable flow, as the brooding melody showcases the duo’s dedication to bringing something fresh to the UK rap scene.

‘Casino’ by Borough Council

Buzzy new band Borough Council are creating a racket with their caliginous lo-fi indie rock. Perking up the ears of legendary producer Dan Carey, who stumbled across one of their live performances, ‘Casino’ sees the band singed to Speedy Wunderground for their single series, shifting through eerie instrumentation, crackled vocals and melodic motifs. Only two tracks feature on their streaming services to date, but we hope to hear more from the enigmatic trio in 2024.

‘Turbulence’ by Dharma

Dharma’s latest single, ‘Turbulence’, resonates with the high-fi hooks reminiscent of Mall Grab, unravelling as a genre-blending composition, that features elements of techno, house, hardcore and synth-pop. Sitting in an equally cosmic and psychedelic space, the track guarantees a raw dance floor energy, enveloping you into a fever dream through its electronic soundscape.

‘Chemical Wedding’ by iagö, Tommy Saint

British artist, composer and designer, iagö, hurls unabashed authenticity and energy on his latest track, ‘Chemical Wedding’. Tapping rising vocalist, Tommy Saint, the track sees Tommy’s demanding vocals set atop an instrumental littered with smart percussive elements. Shrill bass notes and heavy electric guitars shake the instrumental, as Tommy unravels poignant lyricism that only elevates the track to new heights.

‘I can't believe’ by MILYMA

Unravelling the cascading arpeggios that are central to her sonic identity, MILYMA’S new project, Only lovers left a lie, takes her boundary-pushing artistry to greater heights. Bringing a diverse palette of hip-hop, pop and classic elements to the table, the project stands as a triumph of electronic melancholia, as we are metamorphized to an otherworldly universe brimming with mystery and avant-garde edginess. 'I can't believe' is our pick of the bunch.

‘Beautiful Everything’ by Astral Bakers

Serving as a prelude to their highly anticipated album, The Whole Story, Astral Bakers’ latest single, ‘Beautiful Everything’ takes their acoustic rock and indie edge to another dimension. Revealing an infectious melody, uplifting progressions and a poignant lead guitar, the track unwinds a message of feigned optimism all to a vibrant drum beat with inventive energy.


Imbued with upbeat energy and sanguine confidence, CARTERTHEBANDIT’s latest song, ‘CARRY ON’ is the outburst of vitality that we all need. Joining forces with MC Taboo, the track unravels unapologetic authenticity, as the fast-paced electronic drumbeat pulses with verve, and CARTERTHEBANDIT proves his wordsmith prowess throughout.

‘Sand Invades Everything’ by KIDÄ

Somewhere in between the vigour of a sandstorm and the tranquillity of a desert, you’ll find KIDÄ’s most recent single, ‘Sand Invades Everything.’ Standing as a transformative piece of composition, the distorted synths and heavy basslines paradigmatically capture the abrupt nature of the desert, infusing her unique spin into the R&B scene.

‘Double Tourbillion’ by Kosi Tides

Causing a buzz in the UK, Leeds emcee, Kosi Tides, is reviving the cloud rap game with his latest track, ‘Double Tourbillion’, a testament to his forward-thinking artistry. Tapping into electronica, Kosi delivers conscious rhymes with a soothing flow, transporting listeners into a hypnotic state. As the track progresses with every unexpected twist and turn, we see Kosi’s commitment to doing things differently, as he begins to cement his name in the rap scene.

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A weekly playlist sharing our pick of the best new music from the world's most exciting emerging musicians. You heard it here first.

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