Hailing from Iceland, Glowie is here to take on international waters with her undeniable fresh talent that you can't help but love in her latest track "Unlovable".

Calling all pop fans from far and wide – Glowie is here to take her seat at the table of glimmering and effervescent pop music that is for the masses but is still entirely idiosyncratic.


Iceland can be a lonely place, surrounded by nature’s brutal beautiful reality where the only option sometimes is to go inward and discover your heart’s desires. This is exactly what Glowie has done, and the winds have shaped and moulded her into an artist completely within her own right. Glowie’s honest and raw lyricism that pours from her very soul has earned her incredible credibility whilst her production can’t help but make you move.


Speaking about the track, Glowie revealed “I’m very open and honest, I talk about my experiences of being a woman in this world, of being a survivor of sexual abuse, dealing with anxiety and depression and other people open up to me about their experiences. It’s definitely one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever felt before, being able to connect with others in that way where we relate to each other so much and we’re able to bring comfort and support for each other.”


The release follows the announcement of her support on Banks’ forthcoming European tour and  Glowie’s debut EP ‘Where I Belong’ in June which has cemented Glowie’s trajectory into superstardom.


Let Glowie light up your life with the release of ‘Unlovable’ below.


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