We got an exclusive listen to Barney Artist’s debut album at the Hospital Club

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On Tuesday we took over the Hospital Club with Zubrowka for a celebration of grassroots music with East London's Barney Artist.

This autumn, Notion is partnering with Żubrówka Bison Grass Vodka for a series of listening parties at Covent Garden’s Hospital Club. Inspired by the bison grass that Żubrówka uses to create their vodka, each event is a celebration of grassroots music, giving a platform to independent-minded musicians to celebrate their roots.

This Tuesday we held our first event, an album listening and Q&A with East London’s Barney Artist. One of his generations most foremost lyrical talents and a frequent collaborator with the likes of Tom Misch and Loyle Carner, Barney shared an exclusive listen of his debut album Home Is Where The Art Is. Over the course of an hour and a half, Barney went through the record track by track, discussing the concepts and themes woven throughout the lyrics with Notion’s Music Editor. Following the listening session and Q&A, Barney treated the crowd to a short performance of the album’s final track ‘Breakdown Cover’ and lead single ‘Something True’, accompanied by his DJ, Chux.

Żubrówka provided drinks for the evening, their bison grass vodka providing the perfect accompaniment to a night of grassroots music. One of the leading independent talents in London today, Barney Artist was the ideal artist to launch the series with, his charisma and insight into the world of independent music setting the tone for what will be an exciting and essential series of events. Photographer Anthony Yates was on hand to capture the evening, take a look at the highlights above.

Barney Artist’s debut album Home Is Where The Art Is, is available now.

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