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L Devine talks about accepting her sexuality and the advice she'd give to aspiring artists, then gives an exclusive performance in the latest Behind The Base episode.

Newcastle’s pop paradigm, L Devine, joins PizzaExpress in the kitchen in the latest episode of Behind The Base.


Dubbed by Charlie XCX as “the motherf***ing future of pop”, and praised by Dua Lipa and Lewis Capaldi, L Devine has traversed a wide array of genres and musical styles on the way to a debut project that fully defines her.


She explains how she came to accept her own sexuality and entered her first relationship with another girl at the age of 17, which proved to be fraught with obstacles as her partner’s mum refused to accept her. It’s a hard story, but L Devine has turned it into something good, helping to build a narrative of queer acceptance that has resonated with and helped fans worldwide.

As she crafts a delicious garlic prawn pizza, L Devine discusses the advice she would give to up and coming artists seeking inspiration.


She says, “I know this sounds daft but make sure that you really know who you are and what you want to make. I think go out and do those things that help you discover that as well. Listen to as much music as you can and really find out what you like, and try out loads of different styles until you find out what you really like making. That’s what’s going to set you apart, you just carve out a space for yourself… find out how you can stick out.”

L Devine then tucks into her garlic prawn pizza, accompanied appropriately enough by a porn star martini, brand new to the PizzaExpress menu.


To wrap things up, L Devine gives a powerful performance of her song “Daughter”, exploring the vulnerable experience of that first queer relationship. Watch it yourself below!

Watch the full episode here:

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