EarthGang For The People

Collaborating with a melting pot of musical marvels, the vibrantly wacky rap hip-hop duo EarthGang have their eyes set on the stars for 2020, with Grammy nominations and a headline tour.

The Year Of Return

Exploring the capacity that the power of music, fashion and art as a joint force has to advance Ghanaian culture in the celebrated Year Of Return with Darkovibes as the muse for this progression.

Little Simz

Some artists go stratospheric with their first single, but for Little Simz, star of the fourth cover of Notion 86, getting recognised as an elite rapper has been more of a fight...

Teenage Kicks with mxmtoon

The new online voice of a generation, mxmtoon, is here to stay armed with her ukulele and heart of gold!

Alec Benjamin The Storyteller

Introducing the new storyteller of our generation, Alec Benjamin, who is a writer at heart with a tender voice that you can't help but fall in love with.

Cigarettes After Sex

Through rainy skies and hotel hallways, we catch up with the elusive yet intimate Greg Gonzalez from one of the greatest bands of the decade, Cigarettes After Sex.

Tate McRae Is The New Teen Queen

Say hello to the new triple threat that's here to rule the charts with kindness, our new girl next door, Tate McRae!

Vicky Pasion

Sounds influenced by her mixed Asian heritage, and soulful ballads of the 90s, inspire Vicky Pasion’s beautiful single - ‘Can’t Go Back’.

The Heart Of Megan McKenna

As this golden girl is constantly everchanging and evolving, we catch up with the star who has always been a singer/songwriter at heart, Megan McKenna!