Are You Faux Real?

We caught up with Franco-American brothers Elliott and Virgile Arndt AKA Faux Real who dissect the fact that everything is made up, how their star sign is 'Gaint Bat' and the creation of their musical seesaw!

Let BOSCO Illuminate Your World

A multi-hyphenate creative to say the least, allow yourself to be introduced to the light of BOSCO - an artist whose music wraps you up in all your feelings.

The Victory Of Zsela

It's about time to get to know Zsela - the haunting enchantress who's hypnotic universe created within her latest EP 'Ache Of Victory' is dazzlingly and dizzying in all the right ways.

Introducing Isanna

Say hello to your new internet crush, Isanna, the American-German multi-hyphenate creative who is not afraid to get in her feels with the release of her latest track 'Moshpit of Emotions'.


Working on his own terms, and in his own time, Col3trane has evolved into the musician he always wanted to be. Nicola Davies catches up with the trailblazer with the release of his latest single featuring Kiana Ledé!

Introducing Harve

Allow us to introduce you to Harve - the South East London artist creating intimate and vulnerable work that sits harmoniously in a vast and sparse electronic soundscape.


We catch up with the enigmatic and non-conformist WEIRDO to talk creative processes, what's next for the innovator and how to stay positive amidst isolation.

In Awe Of AWA

Get ready to fall for your new R&B Goddess, AWA, as her heavenly vocals take us to higher skies in her latest track 'Too Late For That'. We catch up with the enchantress to talk all things AWA!

The Poetry Of Ojerime

South London's R&B princess Ojerime released her cathartic mixtape 'B4 I Breakdown' earlier this year which is an honest and messy portrayal of depression, growth and self-discovery wrapped in avant-garde soul.