Dayglow: The One Man Band

At just 21-years-old, rising artist Dayglow continues to embrace his DIY blueprint on impressive new album ‘Harmony House’, inspired by the nostalgic feeling of 70s and 80s pop music.

Wayne Snow: “It’s Difficult To Hide When You Lose Yourself To Music”

The Nigerian-born neo-soul artist intricately unravels the multi-layered, philosophical narrative weaving through his sound with brand new single “Nina”.

Cariss Auburn The DIY Queen

Wolverhampton native, Cariss Auburn, releases her dream-pop EP ‘Refraction’, alongside electro alt R&B single “Call Me Up”.

Noomi Is Pushing The Boundaries Of Pop

Swedish singer Noomi on her new single “Free At Least”, testing the limits of pop, her musical upbringing, and much more.

Beatrich On Going Hard Or Going Home

Emerging Lithuanian musician, Beatrich, has found a global audience through her earworm dance-pop numbers. She speaks with Notion about her journey, new music and moving to London.

Mabes On Achieving Sonic Maturity

Singer-songwriter Mabes turns the page on her creative evolution with a new single, starting a new chapter bookmarked by fierce passion and a clear vision.

Phoebe Green: Future Supernova

Darkly witty, self-effacing lines delivered in a throaty Northern lilt intertwine around danceable indie melodies in the world of Phoebe Green.

Yuki Dreams Again: “Life’s A Quest To Find Your Sound”

Enter Yuki Dreams Again, the Montreal-based producer-turned-performer delivering elastic beats, delectable vocals and nostalgic production.

JAWNY: “I’M Gonna Tell You A Story – I Probably Shouldn’t But I’m Gonna”

JAWNY on the truth behind the music industry and the pressures of a hit, rekindling with authenticity and leaving an honest legacy behind.