Dive into deep waters with Jordan Stephens' intimate new single "Found In Space" where you can be lost and found all at the same time.

Living in the modern age has forced all of us to become masters at juggling. However, when it comes to striking a balance between love, relationships and your own inner peace, it can forever seem like you’re standing in the middle of a crossfire.


Jordan Stephens’ highly-anticipated new single “Found In Space” details this confusing juxtaposition – you can be in love with someone entirely, but need to take time and space away from them. With a new body of work on its way, “Found In Space” is the first taster of what’s to come. Revealing that his work will be a collection of anecdotes that are sometimes humorous and sometimes melancholy but always full of hope. It’s an exciting time to see Jordan Stephens begin his journey as his own artist, where there is nothing to hide behind anymore. Entirely honest and raw, Stephens has embarked on his own path and is no longer afraid to be exactly who he is.


Speaking on “Found In Space”, Jordan Stephens revealed “I find relationships and love really fucking difficult. It’s tough explaining to someone you love that you don’t want them to be around all the time. This is me trying to make sense of that.” It’s clear to see that Jordan has been on a journey of discovering who he is as an artist and a human, and this new wealth of knowledge has led to an incredibly powerful understanding of himself. Stephens has been a household name in the UK for years now, and it’s always going to be humbling and inspiring to see an artist live their life and make their art for themselves – and for it to be a true reflection of the inner-workings of their mind. After spending time dissecting and talking about the toxicity of hyper-masculinity in The Guardian and launching his #IAMWHOLE campaign, Jordan is ready to use his musical voice again as his platform.


Until the rest to come, start your Friday off right with the exclusive premiere of “Found In Space” by Jordan Stephens below.

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