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From getting his feet wet playing local pubs, to massive success across the pond, dip into the world of James Bay as he graces the cover of Notion's 2019 Festival Guide zine.

It is none other than James Bay gracing the cover of Notion’s 2019 Festival Guide zine. With the release of his album “Electric Light” last summer, Bay left his signature sound and trademark hat behind to pursue a new style and, as he put it, step out of the pond and set sail. Charming analogy aside, Bay’s career thus far can hardly be described as a pond. At the age of 18, Bay was filmed playing at an open mic in London and the video, uploaded by an audience member to Youtube, scored him a record deal with Republic Records a week later. Since his debut Album, “Chaos and the Calm”, Bay has pushed forward with open-hearted, zany enthusiasm, winning three Grammy nominations, dueting with Justin Bieber and scoring two platinum hits, to name a few of his accomplishments. His newest EP, “Oh My Messy Mind” sits between the characteristic instrumental roots of his first album and the experimental energy of “Electric Light”, a happy accident rooted in his desire to bring more raw, personal songwriting to his music. With his upcoming album, Bay finds a new, emotive sound that transforms the magnetic voice we’ve grown to love into a style that is entirely his own. To say he’s making waves in the music industry is an understatement.


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