Milky Chance share a new tranquil release “Living In A Haze” alongside the announcement of a brand-new album.

This year alternative indie-pop duo Milky Chance are gearing themselves up for an extensive tour around the US and Canada. Back with a brand-new single, “Living In A Haze” is a buoyant new release and is an ode to living freely. Shared alongside the announcement of their forthcoming album, Milky Chance are ready to make 2023 their year.


Stomping their way through the music industry, since going independent the duo have shared colossal hit singles “Colorado” and ‘Synchronize”. Sharing a glimpse of what to expect on their new album, “Living In A Haze” is a sonically joyous release with dark lyrics. Setting off for their tour around the US and Canada this May until September, their new album officially lands on Friday 9th June.


Speaking about their brand-new single Milky Chance say: “Sometimes you lose track of what’s important, live day by day distracted and don’t really know how to get out of it. At the same time, it seems like everybody around you does not feel that way, life looks so easy when they do it and a desire builds up to have it just like that. So this one’s for all who wanna be able to dance the pain away”.

Stream “Living In A Haze” below:

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