Milky Chance reimagine a fan favourite with an assist from Christian Löffler.

Milky Chance have been at this for almost a decade now. The German duo made their debut in 2013 with the single “Stolen Chance”, uploaded independently to YouTube, which, in spite of its humble beginnings, became a blockbuster global success which now stands near a stunning one billion Spotify streams.


They’ve been working consistently since, crafting anthems that resonate with fans around the globe – chief among them being “Unknown Song”. Penned soon after their debut, the tune became a cult classic among fans and a staple of live shows, yet it could never be released officially due to legal issues.


Finally, in January 2022, the obstacles cleared and “Unknown Song” dropped to fans’ delight. Keeping up the momentum, they’ve now released a remix by German electronica maestro Christian Löffler which spins the song in an entirely new direction, tinkering with fundamentals of the song in order to offer the listener an entirely new experience.


It’s a clear sign that even the most familiar tunes can be refreshed and reimagined – and that Milky Chance, this far into their career, are still keen to surprise and delight their fans by mixing the new and the old.

Listen here:

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