Milky Chance have dropped an infectious new single, "Synchronize".

German indie duo Milky Chance are keeping the party going. They’re in a midst of a wild year that has entailed live performances on hit American talk shows, a sold-out North American tour and a turn on the busy European festival circuit this summer. Amongst it all, they’ve kept the flow of new material coming, and the latest manifestation of that is their newest single, “Synchronize”.


The new tune is an entertainingly raucous party anthem with all the catchy choruses and earworm instrumentals you’ve come to expect from Milky Chance. It’s accompanied by a music video that’s a tribute to the act of cutting loose and hanging out with your friends, set in the visually distinctive locale of an industrial space that’s bathed in summer sunshine.


It’s part of a busy year of original tunes for the duo, who put out the album ‘Trip Tape’ last year featuring the hit lead single “Colorado” and a cover of The Weeknd’s “Save Your Tears”, alongside a release of the cult favourite “Unknown Song”, which had been a favourite demo amongst fans for many years but had never been released officially until now. They’re also taking part in the Milky Change initiative, where they’re aiming to promote sustainable practices in the music business such as offsetting their carbon footprint from touring by planting trees.


With many shows ahead for the summer, the party’s not stopping yet for Milky Chance.

Watch the music video below:

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