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Havana Club drinks were pouring as we got into our feelings at the intimate listening party for Sinead Harnett's new album “Lessons In Love” in partnership with Metropolis Studios and Amazon Music.

We just had to do something special to celebrate the release of the deeply intimate new album “Lessons In Love” by the stunning Sinead Harnett. With some of Sinead’s biggest fans, it was a night to remember as we discussed love, loss, heartbreak and healing with some special acoustic performances by Sinead in collaboration with Notion, Havana Club, Amazon Music and Metropolis Studio.


The energy before Sinead took to the stage in Metropolis studios was connected – fans appeared as close friends that bonded over the shared love for Sinead and the music she creates. With deeply personal topics surrounding the hardships of love, there was a quiet sense of admiration and oneness as Sinead appeared humbly to dissect some of the album’s themes. It felt like being in a bar and catching up with an old friend you hadn’t seen in a long time as we slowly sipped on Havana Club cocktails and poured each other’s hearts out.

Written around the core theme of ‘love’, Sinead recalls personal experiences to unpack just how much love has impacted her own life and the people closest to her.  “The more I love, the more I learn about its magic, its importance and its lessons”, explains Sinead. “In every song, there is a lesson. But most importantly, in every song, there is love.”


When Sinead talks, sings or is simply still there is an energy drawn to her. You can’t help but have your eyes and ears drawn to this charismatic young woman. With anecdotes and wisdom beyond her years, Sinead peacefully broke down barriers between artist and listener and gracefully welcomed us in as she poured her heart out. With many laughs and many lessons, the room came to a standstill when Sinead simply sang.

After a well-deserved round of applause and a couple of Havana Club infused drinks, the chairs were swept away and Sinead got the crowd close to her as she belted out some of her latest tracks from “Lessons In Love”.


Garnering support from the likes of Amazon Music and renowned studios like Metropolis with her sheer talent, it’s clear to see and hear that Sinead Harnett is here to stay.

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