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Moose Knuckles’ FW19 collection takes you on a mystical journey throughout the hidden magical glaciers deep within Canada, meeting a familiar face on the way.

In 2009, Moose Knuckles gave themselves the mission of creating the leanest, toughest and most luxurious sportswear in the world after years of protecting Canadian’s from the cold. Since then, through impeccable tailoring, ethically sourced materials and premium hardware, the brand has solidified itself as an exceptional outwear brand across the globe.


The collection itself stands strong with an array of unique and individual pieces. Our favourite has to be the Classic Core style –  100% wool Sherpa lining and extendable visors to weigh them down and provide further warmth. Being in the cold never felt or looked so inviting.


In its new FW19 campaign, Canada’s most loved outwear brand continues to lead and inspire throughout their creative storytelling. For this seasons campaign, the brand travelled to the Sacred Glacier — a slow-moving ice mass somewhere in the Nunavut Territory, deep within Canada’s most northern region where they meet the mystical Dennis Rodman. Upon their journey, searching for something sacred and a new life, the travellers encounter hidden messages on the way until they reach their final form. The campaign is accompanied by a short fashion film which draws inspiration from Mexican cult film, The Holy Mountain which was directed by Alexandro Jodorowsky in 1973. If you haven’t seen the classic film, it’s about finding enlightenment through truth devouring illusion.

Even though the fashion film is fantastic and mystical in all the right ways, the true meaning lies deep within. The VP of Design at Moose Knuckles, Tu Ly, revealed all: “To reach the Sacred Glacier is to confront the enormous gleaming distraction obstructing you – greed, pride, envy, anger, lust, sloth and gluttony – most of all it’s what we stare at on our screens all day. Moose Knuckles wants to remind you that when you’re lost along your journey, the pathway to salvation is real life.”


There is no reason not to get out there, even reading this on your screen right now, ironically. With Autumn and Winter appearing around the corner, it’s closer than you think. But don’t fret, with Moose Knuckles’ FW19 collection, there’s definitely no reason to fear the cold and what’s out there as it might even be what you’ve been searching for all along.

Additional outerwear categories supplement the tough traditional styles, with stand out pieces such as the Churchbridge, a women’s biker mixed media shearling jacket and the Maginot, a men’s oversized puffer jacket. So take a look, and get inspired by the visionary and contemporary tale Moose Knuckles is telling us for FW19. After that go outside and explore what’s out there, but don’t forget to wrap up.


Launching this month, it’s never too early to get ahead of the game with the new Moose Knuckles FW19 collection available to shop here.

Watch the magical video from Moose Knuckles' FW19 campaign below!

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