To celebrate the release of ALMA's first drop off of her debut album, with not one but two delicious and infectious tracks, we got the Finnish badass to curate a playlist just for you.

Continuing on her blazing trajectory into superstardom, ALMA is setting the world ablaze with the release of two tracks off of her debut album – ‘Have U Seen Her?’ and ‘Worst Behaviour’ featuring Tove Lo.


Get ready to dive your neon green head into a punk psychedelic world that is as fiery as ALMA. It’s rare that an artist comes along who has the motivation to get people off of their seats and under the lights the way that ALMA can. With a message as strong as it’s beat, ALMA is a pop-anarchist set to take no prisoners as we wait for the meteoric drop of her debut album ‘Have U Seen Her?’.


Speaking on the tracks, ALMA revealed “When I was younger I hated the feeling of never being listened to and nobody cared about my feelings so I used to escape in my dreams. The same dream would repeat itself over and over, night after night and I’d run away to far off places and imagine starting again. It was a big inspiration for ‘Have U Seen Her?’” However, when it comes to the message behind ‘Worst Behaviour’ featuring our favourite wild child, Tove Lo, ALMA stated that it was more of a reflection of the dark times we live in. Particularly, she wanted to reflect the political landscape that the world is suffering from.


This Finnish powerhouse is clearly just getting ready for the upcoming decade which ALMA is rightfully claiming as hers. With no topic off limits, ALMA’s writing and addictive vocals prove her to be the pop princess that we always truly needed.


Before diving into her new tracks, cut your teeth on ALMA’s curated playlist below!


"Boss" by Little Simz

"Because she is a BOSS (in a f*ing dress)."

"HIGHEST IN THE ROOM" by Travis Scott

"Travis has crazy visuals and the video for this track is sick, one of the best videos I’ve seen the whole year."

"Make It To Heaven" by David Guetta & MORTEN feat. Raye

"I usually don't like EDM but this track with Raye’s vocals is incredible - such a vibe! I wanna party and dance to this."

"Don't Start Now" by Dua Lipa

"This song makes me wanna dance! She’s crazy talented."

"Circles" by Post Malone

"I want to jump in a car and drive to this song forever."


"This song is the intro song of album and the first track I play in my live set. I love the energy, it sets the vibe."

"Holy Terrain" by FKA Twigs feat. Future

"I’ve been waiting to get more music from FKA and i’m very happy for this record! She's so dedicated to her art. The video for 'Cellophan'e is one of the best I’ve ever seen."

"Deal Wiv It" by Mura Masa feat. slowthai

"I love slowthai! This song has so much energy. I want to play live with them both."

"everything i wanted" by Billie Eilish

"It's so honest and I can relate to the feeling and lyrics."

"Looking For A Star" by XXXTENTACION

"I love the vocal production on this one, it’s nuts."


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