“Good Time” by Boulevard Tells

Up-and-coming new duo, Boulevard Tells, share their electrifying new single “Good Time”

Ellis Atlantis Is Ready For A Close Up

Ellis Atlantis - drag queen, social media sensation and BBC's Glow Up Season 1 winner - catches up with Notion about what it was like appearing on the show, his career highlight so far, and how he got into makeup.

“Whatchya Gonna Do” by Gideon King & City Blog

Genre-bending collective, Gideon King & City Blog, return with their soulful offering “Whatchya Gonna Do”

“Something’s Gotta Change” by NAHLI

NAHLI flies solo with her empowering new single “Something’s Gotta Change”, harnessing her talent and craft to drive change

“Follow” by DIYÂ

Ukrainian songstress, DIYÂ, unveils her captivating new track, “Follow”, a serotonin-boosting electronic bop

“Fear” by Bao Chow

Malaysia-born, Australia-based talented multi-hyphenate, Bao Chow, keeps up the momentum with his latest single “Fear”

“Mayla’s Perspective: A Prologue” by Shir Sol Evans

London-based Brazilian, Shir Sol Evans, returns with his new single “Mayla’s Perspective: A Prologue”, an intriguing blend of cinematic R&B Pop with classical Italian literature-inspired lyricism

“Heartbreak” by carly and martina

Chicago twins carly and martina release their glowing alt-pop single “Heartbreak” rippling with 90s nostalgia.

“He’s Not You” by VÉRITÉ

Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter, VÉRITÉ, reveals her vulnerable side with her new funk-laced single “he’s not you”.