“American Scam” by Tommy Newport

England-born, US-raised artist Tommy Newport introduces his latest single “American Scam” from his new EP Liquid.

“24/7” by Liam Tracy & Fivio Foreign

NY rapper Liam Tracy returns with his latest single “24/7” positioned to be his best performing track yet.

LOELASH: “Crossing Over Genres is Where The Excitement Lies”

Ahead of the release of his debut LP 'Fantasia', producer, multi-instrumentalist and DJ, LOELASH, chats about his musical journey, where he’s headed in the future and creates an exclusive mix for Notion.

The Future of Pop? Grimes Announces Her AI Girl Group NPC

Grimes expands further into the world of Artificial Intelligence with the announcement of her AI girl band, NPC.

“Higher” by LUCK

LA-based singer-songwriter LUCK unveils her latest track “Higher” alongside captivating visuals, in an ode to her strength and resilience.

Fresh Face: Hana Lili

Welsh-born rising star Hana Lili chats with Notion about what makes her happy, how she stays original and which celeb she would love as her BFF.

FAANGS Invites Us Into Her Dark and Twisted Paradise

Canadian-born dark-pop veteran, FAANGS, lets Notion into her intriguing world, spilling on her latest project, 'Teeth Out', what it was like to grow up in the industry, and the strangest place she finds inspiration.

Donatella Versace to Design Britney’s Wedding Dress

From award shows to music videos, Donatella Versace and Britney Spears are no strangers to working together. For their next venture, Britney Spears reveals that Donatella Versace is designing her wedding dress.

“I Still Remember” by BIM

London-based singer-songwriter, BIM, unveils her hypnotic new track “I Still Remember”, a tantalising taster from her upcoming EP.