Get to Know Dolapo

The names we are given when we’re born possess meanings that convey aspirations or hopes that our parents or family might have for us, in Dolapo’s case, she’s well on her way to reach hers; success.

Birdy: “I think I really needed a break after the last album”.

After a three year hiatus, Notion catches up with Grammy-nominated artist Birdy ahead of her forthcoming album to discuss her reintroduction to music, growing up in the spotlight, and why this time around feels more authentic than ever.

Meet Drop Culture’s King, Icy Kof

UK streetwear’s big brother Icy Kof speaks to us about evolving with the times, waking up to Drake in his DM’s and his shoe of the year.

Bea Miller: A Natural Progression From The Old To The New

“I just wanna feel something / I just wanna feel” laments Bea Miller on her smash hit “Feel Something”. Feel something, she does, deeply and intuitively throughout her new EP “elated!”.

Notion 88: Boy Pablo

Boy Pablo is a true force to be reckoned with in the DIY, alternative pop space. His debut album - 'Wachito Rico' is a hybrid conceptual and semi-autobiographical record tracing the ebbs and flows of the titular character’s love story.

The ‘times’ Of His Life: SG Lewis On Capturing Euphoria

Is there anything SG Lewis can't do? Notion speaks to the multi-hyphenate about his forthcoming debut album ‘times’, what drives him to keep creating, and capturing euphoria with his music.

M Huncho and Nafe Smallz Welcome Us Into Da New Age

M Huncho and Nafe Smallz are longtime collaborators with complementary sounds, but with the release of their new mixtape ‘DNA’, the pair tell Notion how their sonic similarities have deeper roots.

“It’s Sexy Music”: An Interview With DC

South East London rapper, DC, speaks on the strength in paranoia, his relationship with his mum, working with TSB, the desire for a normal life, and much more.

Ransom FA: “I’ve Got Bangers Upon Bangers Ready To Release”

Dynamic Scottish rapper, Ransom FA, speaks on the importance of shining a spotlight on talent up and down the UK on The Rap Trip, his musical chemistry with Lord Akira, and the bangers he's set to release.