Ahead of her 'wild at ♡' album release next month, caro♡ takes us on a wild and dreamy day in the life shooting the video for her new single, "4ever1”.

Trying out my VeniceW outfits at home <3 hard to choose but we’ll go with the cream coloured one
Arriving at the dreamy seven sisters cliffs for the ‘4ever1’ video shoot… I remember speaking to this older lady on a French market one day and she told me that when there are holes in the clouds through which the sun is shining, it means a special soul is going up to the heavens. I always think about that when I see one
Jim and Amal completing the hoodies team <3
We made good friends with the seagulls that day, especially the one on the right which was extremely talkative
Little selfie time
More selfie time for Jim
Time to get back up on top of the cliffs cause it’s sunset time and Amal, Jim and I had been talking about catching the sunset for about 8 hours
Angel Amal still going strong
Trying to get some footage with the moon… God knows how much I love the moon, about half of my demos have ‘moon’ in their titles
The light is getting darker and our eyes marvel at the lighthouse… We wonder what it’d feel like to live in it
The 3 of us sit in my car for a little bit before heading back to London. There’s no one else around there and the only sound we can hear is the waves crashing, which is probably my favourite sound tbh
Last selfie at the McDonalds in Seaford because I loved this outfit and this day so much <3

Watch "4ever1”: