Firsts with Dennis Lloyd

Firsts with Dennis Lloyd

Israeli musician Dennis Lloyd breaks his one-year hiatus with new track “BERLIN” and discusses his most memorable musical firsts with Notion.

Firsts with Phoebe Go

Firsts with Phoebe Go

Australian artist Phoebe Go talks through her musical firsts and shares tender new single “Hey”.

Firsts with Franc Moody

Back with a brand-new album, two members of Franc Moody tell Notion their musical firsts: from writing an early ode to boiled eggs, to owning their first oboe.

Firsts with VX Duse

South Londoner VX Duse reveals his musical firsts to Notion, from the first instrument he ever picked up, to the first song he ever released.

Firsts with JBee

Back with a new single "24", we discover rising rapper JBee's musical firsts.

Firsts with Tara Lily

Tara Lily takes us through her musical firsts, from a debut festival set to ticking off her first career bucket list.

Firsts With Olivia Nelson

Modern R&B rising artist, Olivia Nelson, shares her musical firsts with Notion.

Firsts With Emilia Tarrant

Following the release of her bouncy new track "Same For Me", rising pop star Emilia Tarrant talks Notion through her musical firsts.

Firsts with Rotimi

Rotimi invites you 'down to Atlanta' in his new track, walking Notion through his musical firsts, from first song to first career obstacle.

Firsts with Kizz Daniel

Nigerian viral hitmaker, Kizz Daniel, tells Notion about his musical firsts.

Firsts With Karin Ann

Slovakian artist Karin Ann walks Notion through her musical firsts following the release of her single "you make me miserable."

Firsts with Gia Woods

LA pop princess Gia Woods gets electronic with her Pride anthem "Lesbionic". Ahead of the release, Gia chats to Notion about her musical firsts.

Firsts with Tom Zanetti

Singer, songwriter, MC and producer, Tom Zanetti, is back with new track "Slow Down". He tells us his musical firsts to celebrate.