Firsts with Casnova

Firsts with Casnova

The west London producer reveals his musical firsts, from festival epiphanies to teaming up with Finn Foxell and kicking it with KAYTRANADA.

Firsts with Lime Garden

Firsts with Lime Garden

As they run riot over the alternative scene, we catch up with the slick four-piece, Lime Garden, and discuss their musical firsts.

Firsts with Aggie Miller

Grunge-folk breakout star, Aggie Miller, discusses her musical firsts, to mark the release of her self-titled debut album.

Firsts with Denham Audio

With a world tour and exciting projects on the horizon, UK producer-DJ Denham Audio shares his musical firsts and love of all things rave.

Firsts with Tyler Lewis

The 22-year-old artist reveals her musical firsts, after releasing the powerful debut single, 'downtime'.

Firsts with Holly Macve

Indie girl-genius Holly Macve unravels her musical firsts, as she kicks off the year with the new EP, Time Is Forever.

Firsts with Asha Imuno

West Coast rap talisman, Asha Imuno, unravels his musical firsts, as he releases his punchy new single, ‘PHONICS’.

Firsts with Lala &ce

Ahead of a forthcoming album, SOLSTICE, French rapper Lala &ce runs down her musical firsts, from DJing to seeing Usher live in Lyon.

Firsts with Brad stank

Scouse psychedelic crooner Brad stank reveals his musical firsts, ahead of the release of his sophomore album, In The Midst of You.

Firsts with Reuben Aziz

Southampton hailing multifaceted artist Reuben Aziz reveals his musical firsts, as he releases his tender new single, 'Running'.

Firsts with Perry

East London drummer turned rapper Perry talks his musical firsts, mulling over the impact of Mary J. Blige, being starstruck by Solange and more.

Firsts with Frozemode

Fresh on the scene, punk-rap trio Frozemode are being hailed an influential player in UK music - their debut mixtape DEMODE provides sound proof.

Firsts With Tim Lyre

Classically trained Afro-fusionist Tim Lyre shares his musical firsts after releasing his latest creative odyssey, MASTA.