Editorial: Scorcher Turns Up The Heat

Editorial: Scorcher Turns Up The Heat

Grime music veteran and actor, Scorcher, turns up the heat in an editorial for Notion.

Editorial: Lucy Park

Editorial: Lucy Park

Rising R&B artist, Lucy Park, is supplying warm and soulful vibrations perfect for summer daydreaming.

Editorial: The Shelter of our Shadows

To be fully loved you must be fully known. In a new, exclusive editorial, photographer Josh Pineda explores the act of hiding in shadows to protect ourselves from pain.

Notion 89: renforshort

Lauren Isenberg, better known as RENFORSHORT, creates soul-baring songs that tackle youth, anxiety, romance, restlessness, and self-image. Chatting to NOTION, she talks navigating social media, keeping it candid in her music and her new EP.

Editorial: Jack Rowan

Noughts and Crosses actor, Jack Rowan, will be returning to screens with vampire comedy-horror Boys from County Hell later this year.

Ana De Llor’s Wondrous Realm

Lisbon-born, London-based artist, Ana De Llor, is creating a dark and electrifying world filled with a rebellious, hypnotic allure.

Editorial: Loie

South London newcomer, Loie, unveils her sizzling debut single “Take You There”.

Editorial: Jnr Choi Beams Us Up

London model-turned-musician, Jnr Choi, continues his ascent to stardom as he makes his mark on the galaxy with each song.

Editorial: Cel Spellman Hears The Call Of The Wild

Actor Cel Spellman chats with the legendary David Attenborough in the first episode of a new WWF podcast series, 'Call Of The Wild'.

Editorial: World, Cassyette Is Ready For You

The rock goddess on the rise turns up the volume and looks totally badass in a new editorial for Notion, as she shares "Dear Goth", the first single from her upcoming debut album.

Editorial: Sunday Best

'Sunday Best' challenges the notion of keeping your best attire for special occasions.

This Is Sasha Keable’s Time

26-year-old singer-songwriter, Sasha Keable, is set to release a much-anticipated new project in 2021. This is her time.

Editorial: Fire Chulo

With his own painting palette of ideas, UK-based fashion plugger, art director, and designer, Fire Chulo is leaving his mark on all corners of the creative scene.