“Golden Sparks” by Temple In Man

“Golden Sparks” by Temple In Man

Stockholm based indie artist, Temple In Man, releases dreamy new single “Golden Sparks”.

“Rules” by Richie Quake

“Rules” by Richie Quake

Brooklyn based artist and producer, Richie Quake, returns with his new retro pop single “Rules”.

“Prove Them Wrong” by Slopes

Singer-songwriter and producer Dag Holtan-Hartwig, aka Slopes, shares his dynamic debut single “Prove Them Wrong”.

“Come Down” by MAGUIRE

London based artist, MAGUIRE, releases her new EP ‘Fantaisies’ which arrives with a brand-new song “Come Down” and accompanying video.

“Beauty” by The TRiBE

Six-piece R&B group, The TRiBE, explore the decay of love and the loneliness that follows in their single “Beauty” taken from their latest album ‘Language!’.

“Utopia” by Jihae

Multi-faceted artist Jihae makes her return to the musical realm with the release of her brand new single “Utopia”.

“No Passengers” by UFO

Chicago-born, Houston-raised rapper, UFO, has dropped his new single "No Passengers".

“MIND” by Lois Rae ft. WYNTS

UK-based artist Lois Rae returns with sensual new cut “MIND” featuring WYNTS.

“Givin'” by The Futurelics

Oakland sextet, The Futurelics, give it their all on funky new tune "Givin'".

“Not At My Best” by Valencia

LA-based pop duo, Valencia, drop their new single, "Not At My Best", where they sing about accepting their imperfections.

“I Dare You” by Etaoin

London-based Irish singer-songwriter, Etaoin, delivers a blazing act of self-assertion with her new song “I Dare You”.

“Differences” by OpenSoul

Singer-songwriter and actor, OpenSoul, releases his latest R&B offering, “Differences”.

‘A Feeling You Can’t Replace’ by Sarpa Salpa

Rising five-piece band, Sarpa Salpa, share their sophomore EP ‘A Feeling You Can’t Replace'.