PivoT by IGOR360

PivoT by IGOR360

Multidisciplinary creative Igor Elie-Pierre (IGOR360) releases stunning new video Merged Subjects and music project, PivoT.

‘Bitter Boys’ by Shannon Tehya

‘Bitter Boys’ by Shannon Tehya

Offering us a glimpse into her upcoming debut album, Shannon Tehya pens a satirical letter to men in latest track, ‘Bitter Boys’.

the last 90s bitch by SVEA

SVEA was born in the right generation, and she's not afraid to shout about it on her new LP, the last 90s bitch.

Colours of Blue by Riva Taylor

Riva Taylor explores fleeting relations, observations, and Latin American rhythms in her whimsical new album, Colours of Blue.

Till The Last Petal Falls by Dante Leon

After a hiatus, Dante Leon makes his highly anticipated return with the delicate and dreamy debut EP, Till The Last Petal Falls, releasing tomorrow.

But I Want to Leave the Party by Tiffany Lauren Bennicke

Tiffany Lauren Bennicke addresses the dismissal of mental health discussions in her acclaimed short film, But I Want to Leave the Party.

‘Open’ by ERLY

Singer-songwriter ERLY releases his sophomore track, 'Open', as a testament to his influences and upbringing.

‘Dreamcast’ by gothking

Back with a punk-rap bang, gothking opts for a mellower sound in his latest soul-baring single, ‘Dreamcast’.

‘Mermaid of the Year’ by Nauti Siren

Nauti Siren combine an oracle of wisdom with explosive creativity for their debut single, 'Mermaid of the Year'.

Boy meets Guitar by ONPOINTOP

ONPOINTOP has released his most personal and ambitious project yet: Boy meets Guitar.

‘Too Late’ by Crystal Starr

Crystal Starr: a viral TikTok hit, a DIY music video and a new single 'Too Late'.

‘Window Pane (Pretty Lil Thing)’ by GSoul

GSoul unveils his latest track, 'Window Pane (Pretty Lil Thing)', to make those lustful nights last forever.

‘Bocca Lupo’ by Princess Nostalgia

Italian artist Princess Nostalgia demonstrates her passion for freedom and female empowerment in her latest track 'Bocca Lupo.'