Rainbow Riots: “Every Human Has The Right To Be and Love Whoever They Want”

Rainbow Riots: “Every Human Has The Right To Be and Love Whoever They Want”

Rainbow Riots founder and LGBTQ+ activist Petter Wallenberg tells Notion about the organisation's work, including new anthem "We Don’t Care".

Furmaan Ahmed: Building New Worlds

Furmaan Ahmed: Building New Worlds

Multi-disciplinary creative Furmaan Ahmed chats about the compelling pull of the futuristic and balancing the world as it is and the world as they imagine it in their art.

Val Qaeda: The Bollywood Bombshell

Queer Muslim drag queen Val Qaeda discusses representing the underrepresented, navigating traditional drag spaces and how humour makes her act.

Glyn Fussell: “I Want To Make Sure The Misfits Conquer The Earth.”

After helming one of the most influential LGBTQ+ club nights, Sink the Pink, for fourteen years, Glyn Fussell tries his hand as a wordsmith with his Manifesto for Misfits - a rebel’s anti-rulebook about leaping headfirst into your wildest fears.

Haus of Darkwah: The Community Builder

Multi-disciplinary artist Haus of Darkwah talks about fostering community through education, the inspiration they're finding in others and their new allyship campaign.

Ruby Rare: “We’re All Different and That Should Be Beautiful”

Sex and body positivity advocate and author Ruby Rare chats about her new podcast, her changing thoughts on sex positivity and her journey to bodily acceptance.

How Honey Burlesque Has Created a Queer Safe Space and Artistic Haven

Notion meets Scarlett Snow, the creator of the LGBTQ+ performance project, Honey Burlesque, to chat about the queer community, the changing meaning of safe spaces, and true queer inclusion.

Yasmin Benoit Is On a Mission to Make Asexuality More Visible

Notion sat down with Yasmin Benoit, an award-winning British asexual activist and model, to discuss her moves to increase ace visibility throughout society and how she fights stereotypes.

Jacinda Pender: Revealing The Unfiltered Self

Makeup influencer Jacinda Pender, aka @adultsdrink, chats with Notion about their/her creative journey, what beauty means to them/her and how, as a social media star, they/she experience the best of both worlds.

Tyreece Nye Is Ready To Take The Stage

Notion chats to self-proclaimed ‘themme fatale’, TikTok trend-sation and all-round hypnotic human being, Tyreece Nye, about their journey so far, winning Slag Wars, and their plans for world domination.

Ellis Atlantis Is Ready For A Close Up

Ellis Atlantis - drag queen, social media sensation and BBC's Glow Up Season 1 winner - catches up with Notion about what it was like appearing on the show, his career highlight so far, and how he got into makeup.

Get to Know Vivek Shraya

Meet multi-disciplinary Canadian artist, Vivek Shraya, who has arguably perfected the art of storytelling through her work.

Dani St. James On Her Safe Trans+ Space

Dani St. James’ Not A Phase is an unstoppable charity making sure UK trans+ communities don’t slip through the cracks. We get to know her better.