Meeting Lilah in Atlantis

Meeting Lilah in Atlantis

Star-on-the-rise Lilah chats self-discovery, interpersonal relationships, sadness, and balance in her new EP 'Atlantis'.

Notion 90: Nayana Iz

Notion 90: Nayana Iz

Singer, rapper and NiNE8 Collective member Nayana IZ is trusting her vision and getting vulnerable with her truest self.

Notion 90: Bia

Patron saint of those who keep their friends close, their money closer and their enemies out of mind, Bia is the ambitious and unapologetic rapper making tracks to empower her fans.

Eli Smart’s Good Vibrations

Notion sat down with Hawaiian-hailing, Liverpool-based artist Eli Smart to discuss his trademark genre of Aloha Soul, Elton John's endorsement, and his self-directed cinematic music videos.

Editorial: NIGHT MODE

Immerse yourself in the bright lights, big city in this transportative photo series. Twinkling lights illuminate an array of glamorous looks.

Dive Deep with T.J. Atoms, the Newcomer Living by His Manifestations

Unique in his own right, eclectic by the definition, a star by willpower - T.J. Atoms encapsulates these words and more. However, if you ask him, the answer would be a renaissance man destined for greatness.

Fresh Face: April

We caught up with Irish alt-pop artist April to discuss her current obsessions, as well as her go-to karaoke songs and love of whiskey sours.

Notion 90: Priya Ragu

Grounded by her roots in her own ‘Raguwavy’ world, Tamil-Swiss artist PRIYA RAGU is painting a rich and intricate map of influences, stories and sounds.

Tink: The Decade-Long R&B Trailblazer

For so many R&B lovers, Tink has been a constant force of vulnerability and power. We sat down with the artist after almost a decade into her musical journey.

Alex Mills: “You Can Always Rejuvenate Music and Experiences”

Singer, songwriter, DJ and producer Alex Mills tells us how she's navigating the industry and what she wants to be remembered for, as well as making Notion a mix in collaboration with BULLDOG Gin.

KhakiKid: “I Have More Listeners in the Philippines Than I Do in Ireland!”

Dublin’s alt-rap up-and-comer KhakiKid speaks about pioneering Irish talent and showing that it can be possible to merge both music and comedy.

Notion 90: Mimi Webb

21-year-old Mimi Webb is living the pop star’s fairy tale, and 2021 – her breakout year – has been magical to say the least.

Notion 90: Avelino

Whether he’s crafting intricate bars or stepping back to frame the bigger picture, multi-faceted MC AVELINO is setting the pace in UK rap championing diligence, versatility and independent thought.