Here's everything we know about cult musician, producer and singer-songwriter Alex G's soundtrack for the new indie movie.

Few things seem more of an obvious match than independent entertainment company A24 and alt artist Alex G, and to the delight of moody teens and introspective folk all over the world, what could be described as the salt and pepper of indie culture are coupling up.


Set for release on 16th May, I Saw The TV Glow is rumoured to be a charged cinematic dreamscape. Straddling the line between fantasy and horror, it’s the talk of the town among TikTok music buffs and BFI members alike. Directed by one of cinema’s most promising talents, Jane Schoenburg, their tried and tested chemistry is at play once again having previously collaborated on the score for her feature, We’re All Going to the World’s Fair.


The artistic pairing of the writer-director with Alex G couldn’t be more fitting. It’s rare for a movie score to hit the nail on the head, but from their previous collaboration, there’s an uncanny perfection to their alchemy. Alex G’s chronically mysterious soundscape effortlessly weaves through the plotline like a nervous system. And he’s no novice at emotional poignancy, some would say Alex G is this generation’s godfather of melancholic indie-rock. A polymath and prophet of gut-wrenching lyricism, his unmatched cult following is eagerly awaiting his return to cinema.


Alongside his raw talent for composing, the soundtrack will also feature some of the most seminal indie influences of this generation: Phoebe Bridgers, Snail Mail, Caroline Polachek, and Yule, to name just a few. If that wasn’t enough, Jane Schoenburg’s sophomore project is lined up to be a great watch. An impressionistic coming-of-age horror, providing commentary on our relationship with media set against a fantasy backdrop, is sure to keep you on your toes.