German-based music collective BLENDIN'ERA drop their latest dynamic track, 'All I wanna do'.

This musical journey showcases BLENDIN’ERA‘s unique ability to seamlessly blend genres, collaborating with talented artists to create an unparalleled sonic experience. Comprising Rick T. (aka DJ Abstract), Castor Troy, and Rob Fischer, the collective has united artists, producers, singers, and visual creators from around the globe, forming an international powerhouse dedicated to crafting compelling electronic music.


With a rich history in the industry, BLENDIN’ERA’s origins trace back to Castor and Rick’s collaboration in the early ’90s, founding their own dance label, Energized, which achieved remarkable success. Later, Rob joined the duo, bringing his expertise as an accomplished musician, producer, and mixing engineer. After the success of their singles, ‘This Love’ and ‘When The Word is Running Down,’ BLENDIN’ERA’s latest releases, ‘All I wanna do’ and ‘Seven Dreamer’, are poised to elevate their profile even further.


‘All I wanna do’ promises to take listeners on a musical journey, capturing the essence of letting go and embracing the moment. Laura Lopez and SaDBoy’s smooth vocals add a refreshing touch, making this song a vibrant fusion of electrifying beats and soulful melodies. Whirling us through settings from neon-lit rooms to open-air fields, the track’s accompanying video reflects its expansive soundscape.


Switch gears to ‘Seven Dreamer,’ and you’ll be met with a dance anthem that packs a punch with thumping basslines and exhilarating drops. ‘Seven Dreamer’ is a call to all the dreamers to unite under neon lights, dance until dawn, and embrace the night’s energy.


With a growing online listenership and more releases on the horizon, BLENDIN’ERA is a force to be reckoned with, showing no signs of slowing down.

Watch the video for 'All I wanna do' now: