808INK take us behind the making of their new EP When I'm About You'll Know.

There’s no one in the UK quite like 808INK. Made up of 808Charmer and MumblezBlackInk, they’ve been heroes of the underground for years, working alongside the likes of Neverland Clan, JD Reid and Sam Wise. The duo’s sound is an unmistakable combination of the UK’s best music, from the intricate rhyme schemes of grime to the diverse sounds of British club culture. Combined they create an innately danceable take on British rap, Charmer’s productions and Mumbles’ distinctive flow layering groove upon groove.

Today they drop their new EP When I’m About You’ll Know, a nine-track collection of forward facing bangers and their first full-length project since 2016’s debut album Hungry. It’s a refreshing statement from the duo, keeping true to their distinctive sound but bringing in new influences as well. Of course, it wouldn’t be an 808Ink project without a concept behind it and for their latest dispatch from Lundun, the dark, almost-mythicised version of the capital that features in their work, Mumbles and Charmer have taken on the hustle and the consequences of being on their grind twenty-four hours a day.

Alongside the new EP, they’re also sharing an exclusive look at its creation in the form of a new short documentary. Showing the pair in the studio on stage and cruising through the city it explains the process behind WIAYK and 808INK’s hopes for the next phase of their inevitable take over of the British underground. Watch it exclusively on Notion below and catch our QnA with Charmer and Mumbles after the jump.

When They’re About You’ll Know - Making WIAYK with 808INK


What was the inspiration behind WIAYK?

Charmer – The inspiration behind WIAYK was the power of Women and being emotionally unavailable because of the 24hr round the clock hustle of making money. Sometimes when a woman is feeling you, the idea of hustling can be irrational to her when she wants to cuddle up or go out to eat expensive food. 

How have things changed since ‘Hungry’?

Charmer – A lot has changed, I’d say everything has been amplified a notch. A lot more travelling and meeting people, bigger crowds and different food lol.  

Mumblez – Since hungry the shows overseas have picked up so travelling has become frequent, and I’d say the support from our beautiful fans, has gone up even more, both old and new.

Why did you decide to put out WIAYK rather than waiting for the album to release new music?

Charmer – It’s the right time. It’s almost an 808INK trend to put a project out every two years, so this definitely felt right. Plus the people need the sick vibes.

Which track took the longest to get right?

Charmer – ‘Inside Out (808charmer’s interlude)’ it was a very indecisive period as the song initially was for someone else so getting the vibe right to fit me to perform the right vocal was very key.

Mumblez – Lol. ‘Inside Out’ definitely took the most work, getting it right was so key mainly on the recording side, but we got there in the end.

Where should people listen to it for the first time?

Charmer – Anywhere with a good sound system, with good vibes/food or at the headline where they can see it live. I know a lot of people like doing that. 

Mumblez – If you for some reason don’t know about us before #WIAYK drops, you should definitely come hear it for the first time at our headline show. March 16th at OMEARA… or in the car.

What are your plans now that WIAYK is out in the world?

Charmer – Tour, party, make some more investments – not necessarily in that order lol. But generally spread the sauce everywhere, get the people stimulated and inspired.

Mumblez – Continue to tour, share our music with the world and make more for you guys cause I know you love it!

WIAYK is out now. 808INk headline Omeara on March 16th.

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