Vienna trio Baza Testdrive launch their moody hip-hop single “Roket”.

Swooping in from Sao Paulo, Munich and Vienna, three mysteriously unnamed global producers and artists have joined forces to form the creative collective Baza Testdrive.


Their premier single “Rocket” is a lumbering hip-hop tune, with hints of glitch-pop and dance influence that feels plucked from the late nineties and early noughties.


On “Rocket”, the group has said: “The track is a mood of night life, it somehow marks the highest and lowest point in the whole party life, the long walk home, confronted with mixed emotions of empowering and lonely sort. Roket for us catches the vibe of feeling invincible and low at the same time.”


Forging together jazz, hip-hop and alternative influences, Baza Testdrive is a collective to watch.

Listen to "Roket" below: