Six-piece R&B group, The TRiBE, explore the decay of love and the loneliness that follows in their single “Beauty” taken from their latest album ‘Language!’.

Since their inception in fall of 2018, The TRiBE, formerly known as Jordan Ramirez & The Tribe, has toured consistently throughout the Northeast of USA. This has allowed the boys settling comfortably into the neo-soul scene of East Village as well as becoming a mainstay in the flourishing Lehigh Valley and NY state jam scenes. With a sound that might be considered jam-adjacent, the group’s concise and groovy produced sound expands into a nuanced improvisational live show.


Self-produced by The TRiBE, “Beauty” explores the writer’s egocentric approach to love and questions if it really can be considered love at all. It’s a melodramatic track that follows a string of well-crafted singles often built around a framework of funk-tinged, neo-soul grooves, boasting a contemporary approach to classic R&B writing styles and a soulful intonation.


“I think the lyrics of Beauty illustrate the writer’s frustration with the inevitable decay of any beautiful thing. The loneliness alluded to in the beginning of the song is only temporary, but it seems to remind him of the potential of a much more permanent loneliness, particularly the experience of losing somebody we love. The song eventually spins into an analysis of all the petty, silly arguments two people in love can have, in spite of being subconsciously aware of how small they are in the grand scheme of things”, The TRiBE explains.

Listen to "Beauty" below: