Checking in after dropping new project 'REALLY HER', the Boston-born rapper talks making timeless music, empowering fans and building a legacy.

Since hitting big with her breakout EP ‘FOR CERTAIN’ in 2020 (featuring fan faves ‘SKATE’, ‘COVER GIRL’ and ‘WHOLE LOTTA MONEY’), Boston-born rapper BIA has been living her best life. Preaching self-love and self-respect above all else, the artist has been growing with grace, keeping her friends close and channelling glitzy new experiences into her music.


New EP ‘REALLY HER’ is a diary of this time. Inspired by her life and her power, the eight-track project sees BIA at her most authentic. Dancing the line between vulnerable and untouchable, she maintains her commanding bravado (especially on Timbaland feature ‘I”M THAT BITCH’) whilst letting us further into her inner world than ever before.


With more experimental beats and elevated visuals (“it’s classy, it’s clean, it’s fashion”), ‘REALLY HER’ is a level up for BIA – the next step in her quest to become her very best self. With blinkers on to the moves and opinions of her peers, it’s a rise she’ll continue to navigate with eyes only on her own path.


Checking in a month after the release, BIA talks making timeless music, empowering fans and building a legacy to last.

Hi Bia! We last spoke almost exactly two years ago for Notion 90. You’d just had your birthday then, how did you celebrate this year?

This one was really special! I got to celebrate my birthday performing for FIFA in my first time in Sydney, Australia.

What’s been your greatest blessing in the past two years?

To travel the world with my friends doing what I love.

What about your biggest lesson?

Staying grateful and having no expectations.

How would you say you’ve evolved musically since then with this new project?

I think I’ve evolved everywhere from bars to beat selections. I approach all my art from an authentic place. I want all my music to be timeless.

What was inspiring you lyrically writing ‘REALLY HER’?

My life and traveling.

You’ve said before that you want people to feel empowered – “like THAT girl or THAT boy” – is that the intention behind this new music?

Absolutely! I think that’s pretty much my theme whenever I’m in the booth.

Where do you envision people listening to the music, and how do you want it to make them feel?

Anywhere, everywhere, outside. I want them to feel motivated, empowered, beautiful and ready to get some money.

Do you have a track on the project that’s most meaningful to you, or that you’re most proud of?

I love them all, but “Four Seasons” has a special place in my heart.

What’s inspiring the visuals for the project? The videos for “MILLIONS” and “I’M THAT BITCH” went off… What was on your mood boards?

I feel like my visual aesthetic is very much my aesthetic in real life. It’s classy, it’s clean, it’s fashion. Those are all the things I want to give in my visuals. I use my friends in the videos, those are really my homegirls. I am blessed to work with incredible directors that help bring my vision to life. Also we love to pay homage to those who came before us and have opened the doors to allow me to do what I’m doing now.

You give off such positive energy and message – of strength, self-reliance, resilience – what would you like to represent and stand for as an artist with a platform?

That I am a testament of staying true to who you are and doing the work. When you stay true to who you are and put in the work, it pays off. I am really grateful for having this opportunity of making music and building my legacy.

Having dropped the full project now, what are you feeling inspired by looking forwards?

I am feeling really inspired by my fans. I’m excited about going on my first headlining tour, meeting my fans and making music for them.

And looking further into the future, what does success look like to you? What’s the big dream?

I’m living it. It only gets better everyday.

Listen to 'REALLY HER':


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