Listen now to North Londoner Furdoose’s alluringly frenzied summer love song, “Brooklyn Boy”.

Marking her debut single, Furdoose has just dropped “Brooklyn Boy”. It’s an alt-pop track inspired by the heart-over-head fogginess that comes with a heat-fuelled romance. With polished production by Sombr3noir, the single merges synths, pulsing beats, and Furdoose’s melodious vocals which result in a dreamlike soundscape. 


“Brooklyn Boy” may have just been released, but it’s actually a track she wrote back in 2019. It has taken a while for Furdoose to get out into the streaming world and yet now, with debut EP ‘Cherry’ in the works, it’s all systems go. 


The emerging artist’s music is inspired by the sounds that she grew up on, having spent her childhood soaking up a multitude of genres. Raised in a North African household and, on a broader level, in the technicolour music scene of London, her musical output today reflects both her past and present. Blending alternative new-age pop with her love for the oldies, what has resulted is a refreshingly different, summer-ready sound.

Stream "Brooklyn Boy" below: