Tapping up Afrobeats talisman Burna Boy, G-STAR prove that their collaboration is a match made in denim heaven.

Burna Boy and G-STAR may have more in common than you may think: although they seem worlds apart in their respective creative fields, a close look reveals a shared commitment to challenging norms whilst staying true to their authentic selves. What can you expect when these two forces unite? A collaboration that defies expectations, where authenticity is celebrated in its purest form as they conjure up a partnership that proves to be a match made in denim heaven.


Using their collaborative efforts to whip up an accompanying video, G-STAR tap esteemed director, David Meyers, to capture their collective vision. As Burna Boy takes centre stage in the monochromatic streets of London—a nod to G-STAR’s creative legacy—we witness his dance crew move to the infectious rhythm of his latest track, ‘On Form’.

As the video unfolds, we see synergy between Burna Boy’s energy and G-STAR’s boundary-pushing elements in their collection. From the utilitarian origins to the technical details and strong silhouettes, G-STAR’s durable essentials shine through every twist and turn of Burna Boy’s dancers.


Standout pieces include the loose-fitted Bowey Jean featuring a unique 3D-like style with a twisted back panel, as well as the retro inspired Lenney Jean, boasting a low-rise and boot-cut silhouette for a touch of 70s flair.

In a nod to their collective vision, G-STAR crafted two limited edition premium Japanese denim looks for the Nigerian talent, aptly named the ‘Double Denim Edit.’ Featuring an ultra-long denim military coat combined with a relaxed take on the iconic Elwood, as well as a statement hooded sleeveless jacket paired with loose-fitting jeans. Complementing these ensembles are the Benson Lea Boots, a fusion of biker-inspired groove and the casual high-top trainer.


Whether you’re a denim lover or a Burna Boy stan, this collection may just be the perfect add to your upcoming spring/summer wardrobe. With the campaign set to officially launch on 19th February, in the meantime find out more about the collection here.

Watch G-STAR x Burna Boy video now: