Takis Revives a Classic: "California" Takes TikTok by Storm on The O.C.'s 20th Anniversary.

Takis, the hit-making Canadian DJ and music producer, brings creativity, cohesion, and compelling narratives to his music. Capturing the fresh and sunny essence of the Golden State in his latest single, Takis’ “California” seamlessly blends nostalgia with contemporary dance-pop. The melodic track, dripping with radio-sensation potential, has transformed into a summer anthem through its unique sample flip. With massive appeal on TikTok, Takis has solidified his knack for crafting trendy yet timeless music.


Takis’ success in the industry has remained steadfast, marked by inventive sounds and chart-topping collaborations. Coinciding with the 20th anniversary of the hit show The O.C., Takis’ lead single from his upcoming sophomore EP, Sad Sunsets, samples one of the songs most famously associated with the show: Phantom Planet’s 2002 smash “California.”


“California,” Takis’ debut single with Ultra Records and Sony Music, offers a promising glimpse into his upcoming EP. The song immediately leaves an unforgettable impression, transporting listeners to an inviting summer day. It didn’t take long for “California” to amass significant attention, as over 600 TikTok creators used the song within the initial 48 hours of its release. Appealing to both modern and early 2000s sounds, Takis has crafted a track that feels simultaneously novel and nostalgic, paying homage to iconic hits.


Takis demonstrates a signature skill in blending unlikely collaborations to create harmonious results, a trait consistent throughout all his creations. Having graced the Billboard charts, Takis’ top 20 dance-pop radio hits like “Wait for Me,” “All Time,” and “Closer” showcase his ability to produce music with universal appeal while retaining stylistic originality. Takis elevates music by fusing artists with distinct styles to create catchy music that remains rich in emotion and relatability. Emotion drives Takis’ music; he considers it vital and effective to infuse his personal experiences into his art for a more raw and rewarding outcome.


A testament to Takis’ talent and dedication, the radio-ready quality of “California” mirrors his growth from his teenage beginnings of making music in his bedroom with a dated laptop and software. Enhancing his visibility within the EDM community, Takis cultivated a fanbase, garnered over 250 million views, and propelled himself to new heights in the pursuit of his profound passion for music.


Takis has collaborated with Grammy-winning and platinum-selling artists throughout his career, including Ant Clemons, Goody Grace, and Jamie Fine, on his debut EP. As a DJ, Takis has achieved international recognition, performing sets on various huge stages in the dance music world, such as EDC Las Vegas, Beyond Wonderland Mexico, and Escapade Music Festival Ontario.


Sampling Phantom Planet’s “California” had long been a vision for Takis, who for years wanted to reimagine the song. In his buzzy rendition, Takis was mindful of striking the delicate balance between crafting a dance record that honors the smooth, chill essence of the original.


Demonstrating the makings of a powerhouse within the dance-pop scene, Takis’ creative style-blending concoctions continue to resonate with his listeners, and “California” exemplifies the music producer’s adeptness in capturing captivating summer vibes that make a significant splash.


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