N91: Orchid

After dropping her debut EP Like Thunder this spring, Orchid is trading irony for honesty, melodrama and passion.

Notion 91: Nick Ward

Nick Ward may be recording from his bedroom, but he’s making music that transcends four walls by resisting societal binaries and occupying an infinite space of his own creation.

Notion 91: Charlotte Jane

Honing a heartfelt brand of soul-pop brimming with lyrical vulnerability, Charlotte Jane is getting us through the down days.

Notion 91: MUNA

From almost calling it quits to watching a full-blown fandom emerge around their music, we dive into the creative process with MUNA as they emerge bursting with hope ready to feel the full effects of being loved.  

Notion 91: Daine

Celebrating the release of her debut mixtape, daine gets into the challenges of breaking through during the pandemic, what it’s like to be Charli XCX’s protégé and why this new project feels like a tombstone to her adolescence

Notion 91: yunè pinku

Stepping into her spotlight, yunè pinku is facing the chaos armed with tracks for both our most insecure and invincible selves.

Notion 91: keshi

Lo-fi pop sensation keshi introduces us to GABRIEL, a debut album grown somewhere in between heaven and hell.

Notion 91: Sam Fischer

With a debut album on the way Sam Fischer is on the cusp of greatness, fuelled by dedication to the craft he’s spent years perfecting.

Notion 91: Hope Tala

Intertwining soothing vocals with breezy melodies on tracks that feel like a sonic caress, Hope Tala makes music that cures the soul.