ayrtn for Notion 95

In conversation with fellow rising rapper Niko B, Notion 95 cover star ayrtn talks channeling Channel U, seafood salad and white wine combos and how he’s shaping the next stage of his sonic venture.

For Delilah Montagu Consistency is Everything

To mark her latest single, 'Orange', we revisit our interview with Notion 94 cover star, Delilah Montagu, talking about her cathartic writing process and working with Fred again...

Print Cover: Lord Apex for Notion 94

Nearly a decade on from Lord Apex’s original mixtape uploads to Soundcloud, we find him on the cusp of releasing his debut album, The Good Fight. Here, he speaks its organic journey, manifestation and why Madlib will always be the G.O.A.T.

Print Cover: Ezra Collective for Notion 94

The British jazz quintet and Mercury Prize winners talk their endless list of accolades, conversations with Steve McQueen and more.

Introducing: Queer Skate Brighton

In Notion 94, we meet the non-profit, Brighton-based skate collective founded by a bunch of like-minded, creative skaters.

Joe Sweeney by Grace Pickering

Join photographer Grace Pickering as she steps into the world of boundary breaking contemporary artist Joe Sweeney.

JJ Guest & OOF’s Eddy Frankel: The Other Team

Join OOF founder Eddy Frankel and JJ Guest in conversation as they explore the artist's complicated relationship with football and how it has culminated in a truly unique exhibition.

Freddie Miller: Drill & Ambition in The District

London photographer Freddie Miller discusses drill, ambition and growing up on Deptford's Pepys Estate in South-East London.

Lord Apex for Notion 94

Covering Notion 94, Lord Apex speaks all things The Good Fight, his debut album, from its organic journey, to manifestation and why Madlib will always be the G.O.A.T.