It’s a dream-soaked love affair in the video for Cosmic Strip’s new single Heavenly

London's Cosmic Strip pen an ode to first loves on new single Heavenly.

Mallrat shows us the new teenage dream in the video for Groceries

Mallrat makes music for the sad Instagram meme generation, and you know what? It's pretty great.

Sir Babygirl pens a surreal pop anthem on new single Heels

"I wanted to revisit the sound of all my favourite early 2000s TRL-era pop heroines like Britney, Xtina, Avril and Ashlee but make it gay as hell."

Virginia’s Sunny & Gabe will break your heart and then trash your car

Virginia duo Sunny & Gabe, take Street Fighter to the backwoods in the video for Hadouken.

Sarah Close goes full Flashdance in the new video for You Say

Sarah Close comes through with the video for post-breakup anthem You Say.

Jude Woodhead’s new single For The Birds is swimming in rave nostalgia

Jude Woodhead captures the fleeting joys of a night out in the video for For The Birds ft Rachida.

Rodes Rollins’ Mystery Man will shoot you down in the dead of night

Strap on your boots and saddle up, Rodes Rollins is taking us to the lands of the acid west on her single Mystery Man.

Gus Harvey crafts a heartbroken collage on new single Chance

Gus Harvey's new single is a hazy, lo-fi love affair.

Tessa Rae is a Digital Girl living in a digital world

Tessa Rae is part Lana Del Rey, part PC Music on her new single Digital Girl.