“Scrolling” by Tycho Jones

The latest track 'Scrolling' from Tycho Jones calls us to look up and have your head in the clouds rather than trapped in your phone.

“Unlovable” by Glowie

Hailing from Iceland, Glowie is here to take on international waters with her undeniable fresh talent that you can't help but love in her latest track "Unlovable".

“TWNTYS” by Polly Money

Introducing the newest voice to a generation who are trying to figure it all out, Polly Money, with her honeysuckle vocals and prolific lyricism.

“Control The Party” by Prospa

The Prospa boys are back with their rave alchemy in the latest explosive track, 'Control The Party', which is an effortless blend of 90s warehouse nostalgia and the UK's current underground scene.

“Love Me” by Lexxy feat. Zero Mckenzi

Serenading us with a voice that is both angelically-sultry and smooth, New York’s rising star, Lexxy, makes us fall for her in the newly released ‘Love Me’.

“Tainted” by Cowgirl Clue

Cowgirl Clue’s ‘Tainted’ Video Is a High-Gloss ‘Hackers’ Meets ‘Office Space’ Rave Fantasy.

“Hard Act To Follow” by Billy Lockett

Billy Lockett gives pain a stage to be performed on, with the release of his new music video ‘Hard Act to Follow’.

“Talk” by Mai Kino

Mai Kino takes the theme of separation and disconnection and makes them sublime in her new single, ‘Talk’.

“Same Way” by Meron Addis

After releasing her vibrant single “Like I Need", Meron Addis strips it back for her honeysuckle follow up “Same Way" that is all the same enticing as incredibly raw.