Single Ruin has dropped a jangly, euphoric new track on finding love, "cloud.nine".

Josh P. Gale prefers to think of his musical project Single Ruin as his “adventure”. That’s a good indication of how he sees his endeavours in music – an opportunity to explore and break new ground rather than simply accepting that which has come before and all its rules.


Gale has chosen to put a bigger emphasis than ever on the drumming aspect of Single Ruin’s music, leaning into his favourite live instrument to create a new sound that has a harder edge than the project’s previous releases – alt-pop which incorporates plenty of lessons learned from rock.


Those lessons are displayed in “cloud.nine”, a tune which comes out with drums first and then layers an increasingly complex mix of sounds including rasping guitar. It seems a fitting way to summarise the jangling, nervy euphoria of finding love, which happens to be a useful theme for this fast-coming Valentine’s Day.


On the track, he says, “cloud.nine is all about falling in love with someone and realising how everything is better with that person in your life. No need to say it back, I love you, the first sentence of the song perfectly introduces and describes the sentiment of this song.”

Stream the track below: