Multi-talented creative Bria The Artist creates jazzy hip-hop beats in her song “Cocoa”.

Growing up in the Bronx and following in her mother’s creative footsteps as the artist Valerie Not Val, Bria The Artist developed a love for music at a young age. After solidifying a path in music during her time at Lincoln University, Pennsylvania, she returned to her New York roots where she launched her Paint and Sip classes in 2017.


Her new single “Cocoa” captures the best parts of her music – from soulful, wispy vocals to beats that feel like a modern interpretation of classic 2000s nostalgia, Bria represents a powerful artist in the new wave of female artists. Describing her music as “a vibe”, she focuses on neo-soul, jazzy hip hop and captivating soulful sounds in a unique blend of genres that help her stand out.


She releases her album ‘Jaded’ in 2021 and believes in the power of using art as a support system. After performing at 100 shows and a 10-city tour in 2019, she is now launching a virtual concert series entitled “A Bri-Dimensional Virtual Concert Series” to further explore her creativity. 

Listen to the track “Cocoa” below: