The innovative couture label Colmar has recruited Morteza Vaseghi as creative director for its third Colmar A.G.E project.

Referring to Advanced Garment Exploration, Colmar A.G.E is the modern iteration of the 1920s-founded brand. For its third project and AW/21 collection, the brand has tasked Iranian designer Morteza Vaseghi with the role of Creative Director.


Vaseghi is best known for his work in print with Pecens Paper and Wallet, co-founded with the editor and entrepreneur Elise By Olsen. Now, Vaseghi has swapped paper for fabric to create a unisex collection that is totally eco-conscious.


Harbouring a touch of the avant-garde, 18 signature pieces include a hybridized puffer jacket, two-tone trousers, ski-feel printed hoodies and accessories, and a reinvention of Colmar’s famed 1923 pair of gaiters. The collection uses environmentally friendly materials such as recycled polyamide.


Morteza Vaseghi said: “To be invited in as creative director and to create a collection for a brand like Colmar is a great honour. I’m excited to delve into Colmar’s unique legacy with a sharp conceptual approach, translating the brand archives for a contemporary time and audience. I would like to thank everyone at Manifattura Mario Colombo and Colmar for trusting my vision and seeing it through.”


“We are pleased to embrace the vision of Morteza’s styles and graphics on our most known products. Colmar is a family company with a futuristic perspective. We are close to celebrating our l00th birthday and we are aware of the direction consumers are expecting from us: a more green approach with a focus on the environment. That’s why we enjoyed the idea of having a creative director who decided to rework our heritage through circular fabrics, a very sensitive topic for young generations,” added the CEO of Colmar, Giulio Colombo.


Elise By Olsen has also been recruited onto the project: “I’m excited to support the creative vision of Morteza Vaseghi through building and overseeing the collection’s special communications strategy. I’m in awe of his very personal design language and feel thrilled to witness a narrative through technological innovation, historical admiration and desire; ultimately taking the form of Vaseghi’s debut fashion collection.”