Confidence in full flow, WhoIsKevinKent drops eclectic rap track, “Crocodile Timbs”, out now.

An artist on the rise, WhoIsKevinKent, aka Kevin Kent, is making a name for himself with his distinctive blend of musical genres and insightful lyrics. And his new single, “Crocodile Timbs” is no exception. Alongside his self-assured flow and edgy songwriting, the track’s accompanied by a new music video. Kevin’s teamed up with a strong set of directors and creators to bring his visuals to life, resulting in a compellingly quirky outcome.


Something clear from the release is Kevin’s ability to stand out from the crowd, which he’s championed throughout his career. Speaking on the importance of individuality, he urges, “Stay true to yourself and your message, because authenticity is what’s going to set you apart”. 


Driven forth by support from industry legends, as well as his family and friends, this is just the beginning of Kevin Kent’s success. He’s ready to leave his stamp on the music industry, and his catchy single, “Crocodile Timbs” is just the place to start.

Listen to "Crocodile Timbs" below: