Chri$tian Gate$ lets loose with emotive new track, "Dangerous State of Mind".

For Chri$tian Gate$, TikTok has been a life-changing channel to not just promote his music, but build a community of fans who resonate with his lyrics. First posting in 2020 and gaining over 1 million views by June, he’s since established himself as a fully-fledged artist in his own right. As Atlantic Records came calling and the accolades rolled in (including being named one of Rolling Stone’s Top 25 Breakthrough artists), the streams racked up on music platforms too — with August’s “Lost” now sitting at 13 million on Spotify.


Having used poetry and writing as an outlet during his teens, Chri$tian Gate$’ superpower is his knack for storytelling. His latest, “Dangerous State of Mind”, is a perfect example — giving in to impulsive anger provoked by an ex love, it’s a racing track with palpable emotion. Evoking feeling immediately, it provides an outlet for his listeners to feel their own emotions too, in the way the artist does best.

Stream "Dangerous State of Mind" now: