GRAMMY-nominated artist Starita is back with a fresh new remix “Dark Night (New Dawn Remix)” out now.

Starita is a songwriter and artist with many talents, and is back with a translucent retouch of Seán Johnson & The Wild Lotus Band’s single “Dark Night”. Throughout “Dark Night (New Dawn Remix)” Starita harnesses new beginnings with tranquil synths, uplifting electronics and captivating harmonies.  


Throughout his career, Starita has collaborated with influential artists including A Tribe Called Quest, Childish Gambino, and Spearhead – to list a few. Starita’s “Dark Night (New Dawn Remix)” is a progressive cut featuring emotive vocal touches from Seán and furthers the pain highlighted in the original into a much more heartfelt and hopeful listen.  


Speaking about his new release, Starita says: “Instead of a circle of grief expressed sonically, I began to produce sounds that led to an intense release of energy, like a rebirth. You will hear it in the song; it starts with the quiet, introspective tone of one entering an unfamiliar world, but the energy increases to an exploratory mode, and then grows into a triumphant celebration”.

Watch the “Dark Night (New Dawn Remix)” video below: