Earthrise Studio are our newest columnists committed to telling stories for a new world full of hope and possibility for the future. In this first column celebrating Earth Day, find 10 creatives to follow.

Founded by Alice Aedy and Jack Harries alongside fellow co-founder Finn Harries, Earthrise Studio is a creative studio and media company telling stories for a new world. Exploring radical stories of hope and new possibilities, they are committed to exploring narratives from the future that help us navigate the now.


A documentary filmmaker, presenter and co-founder of Earthrise, Jack’s work focuses on topics such as mental health, forced migration, and climate justice. As fellow co-Founder and CEO, Alice is an award-winning documentary director and producer passionate about sharing human stories around climate and social justice. Bringing this knowledge to their column, they’ll be navigating sustainability for creatives, within music, and amongst the wider creator industries.


In this first edition in honour of Earth Day this weekend, the founders have curated 10 accounts to follow for the climate.

1. Es Devlin

Es Devlin is an artist & set designer who creates large-scale performative artworks, sculptures and environments that combine light, music and language.

2. Nicole McLaughlin

Nicole McLaughlin is a New York-based designer who combines product design with upcycling and fashion. Nicole’s work spotlights the importance of sustainable fashion design and reducing waste by creating unique and bold pieces from unexpected materials.

3. Joya Berrow and Lucy-Jane

Joya Berrow and Lucy-Jane are an award-winning documentary director duo who founded The Right to Roam. Their work focuses on spotlighting social and environmental issues, and are known for capturing authentic human stories, with a focus on land and ocean regeneration.

4. Priscila Tapajowara

Priscila Tapajowara is a Brazilian indigenous filmmaker. Priscila is an incredible Indigenous and climate activist, photographer and producer for Mídia India, a network of communicators in Brazilian territory.

5. Priya Ahluwalia

Priya Ahluwalia is a fashion designer and founder of the brand Ahluwali, which creates beautiful handcrafted designs that draw on her Nigerian-Indian heritage. Priya’s brand also repurposes vintage materials in factories that employ rural women and pay them fair wages.

6. Daiara Tukano

Daiara Tukano is an Indigenous artist, activist and human rights researcher from Amazonas, Brazil. She is a key figure in communicating and encouraging strategies to protect Indigenous rights, natural environments and cultural diversity.

7. Olafur Eliasson

Olafur Eliasson is an artist known for large-scale installation and sculpture art. His work hones natural elements, geometry and perception to create sensory-based and insightful art.

8. Cosmo Sheldrake

Cosmo Sheldrake is a musician, composer and producer. He is a talented multi-instrumentalist that experiments with and incorporates natural soundscapes into his work to create a unique listening experience that celebrates nature.

9. John Akomfrah

John Akomfrah is an artist and filmmaker, whose work is widely respected for its investigations into memory, post-colonialism, migrant diasporas and politics.

10. Marcos Acosta

Marcos Acosta is an artist whose work highlights humanity’s intersection and connection with the natural world. He explores multiple mediums, like drawings, engravings, video and installation work.

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