RYTERBAND’s new single ‘Echoes’, taken off his new EP of the same name, is an awe-inspired ballad derived from a foggy winters dream.

At 5 am one foggy winter morning, Jason Ryterband woke up from a dream about a song he’d never heard before. Awe-inspired, he headed straight to the studio to record the melodies before they faded from memory. By the time the musician’s girlfriend awoke, a first draft of the electronic love song ‘Echoes’ was complete. 


These fairytale-like beginnings explain the allure of the new release from the LA-based songwriter and producer RYTERBAND. Both romantic and full of honest emotion, ‘Echoes’ arrives as the title track and final instalment of an EP about connection, intimacy and “psychological healing”. Each of the three other featured songs, dropping throughout the year, have a different theme which tracks the artist’s journey towards self-awareness. 


You wouldn’t guess from this guitar-led project that RYTERBAND also produces house beats – his 2021 track ‘Make Me Wild’ hit #4 on Beatport’s Melodic House chart – and has credits on renowned TV series including Euphoria and Brooklyn 99.


The artist’s music-production mastery and lyrical prowess culminate in Echoes. We recommend you give it a listen and get carried into the mindful state between sleep and wake in which RYTERBAND wrote it…

RYTERBAND's 'Echoes' is out now: