Canadian artist and independent singer-songwriter, JYDN HILL unfolds his new EP ‘Every Lie Is Two Lies’.

Creating delicate ballads through soft R&B, JYDN HILL is a wordsmith whose work is destined to pull on your heartstrings.


Working from the bottom up, JYDN continues to distinguish his sound through complete authenticity and is fast becoming a name you can’t forget. His brand-new project ‘Every Lie Is Two Lies’ sees the artist dive deep as he explores personal growth through a journey of acceptance. 


Exploring the theme behind this new EP, JYDN tells: “When you lie it’s really two lies because you’re telling a lie to yourself and also to the other person. The making of this project felt like I was rebuilding myself back up from all the things that I went through over the last couple of years, and having the ability to come to terms with those things and put it into music. It was necessary for my growth.”


Stream the EP in full below: